I practiced piano five to eight hours a day. I prepared myself for the music academy. After my high school graduation.

It was a hot July day. The windows were open. I sat at the piano and played. Like the last weeks and months before. I paused. I looked out of the open windows into the garden and onto the trees. The birds were screaming. My friends would be in the swimming pool now. They would have a lot of fun together. And I would sit here. Alone.

I looked at the keys of my piano. And the thought came up: “Only what I put into this device will come out. And that’s one of the loneliest things there is in this world.” I got up. And after these thoughts, I never played the piano again in the same way as before.

I went into science.

Loneliness has many faces. In science. At work. In life. I made my decision at that time of my own free will. Now I want to play again. For you. For the world.