Album Piano Solos (November 2020)


Zoe was her name. From France she came. And she played the piano for me. It was a dream. In parting, I kissed her on the cheek in the front door. After that she stopped playing for me. A summer afternoon full of music was on my mind. I dedicate this piece to my mother.

My father and I didn’t get along very well. He was convinced that a good life was duty. One day he got sick and was in bed one floor above my piano for a whole week. Recovered, he expressed himself positively about my piano playing, which he had apparently not consciously noticed for years. How I see my father.

There are many kinds of love. For example, love for the mother. Love for the father. Love for siblings. Love for a friend. Love to one’ s own children. And love to a partner. The love of the partner is what this play is about.

We all want to lead a long life full of joy and happiness. We also know that life can be different. Yet this life, our life, should be easy and simple. It was given to us only once. How our life should be.

A decision robs a person of all other possibilities? A decision frees a person from all other options? The process of a decision can sometimes be very agonizing. What is right?

It was a hot August afternoon in the city. I had opened all the windows of my room and was playing the piano. The birds in the big lime tree between my house and the nearby opposite house front were screaming. The neighbor across the street complained about my piano playing – and about the birds. Appalled that even birds were disturbing this person, I thought about what I could answer him. Nothing really good occurred to me. The only thing I could think of was who the piano player is. I played it for him through the linden tree.

Ten of us were sitting at the table. Everyone talked simultaneously. For hours. At one point I thought to myself: What if there was no language?

“The curse is not over,” a well-known person from the cultural sector is said to have said at the age of 80, and by that he meant the lust for the woman. I went across the street to the bakery. I wanted to buy a few rolls for my love and me. We had a wonderful night. And there she suddenly stood!

How many people feel trapped in themselves because they cannot find way of saying what they really want to say? How many people have to remain silent because of this?

Where are you? Where am I? Where are we? Where are our souls?

Why a theme? Why a sense? Why not just make music?

What a wonderful world we live in! Even though it is so threatened.